Our meal plans

Your Vrai&Bon meal For a truly indulgent stay.


You don't want to go out to a restaurant after your arrival or during your stay. We offer you an emergency solution for eating in the common room or on one of the terraces depending on the season.


We have selected a range of ready-made meals in individual jars (Weck jar, a very trendy consumption method in catering).


We offer you a selection of starters, main courses and desserts. To be consumed cold or hot, directly in their individual pot. Perfect for a full meal, a picnic (terrine and salad, etc.) or just a small snack.

Your jars will be made available to you in the refrigerator in the common room in a bag with also an individual loaf of bread with the name of your room.

Possibility of ordering in the morning for your lunch picnic basket or for the evening meal, you can also reserve your dish when you arrive.

If you arrive after 7 p.m., please notify us before your arrival that your meal will be available in the refrigerator with your room name.


Enjoy your food


Our proposals


The entrees :

- Andalusian Gazpacho 180gr : €5 (A traditional Andalusian cold soup, made with tomatoes, peppers and onions, to be enjoyed as a starter or cocktail.)

- Chestnut & Foie Gras Delight 90gr: €6.50(Succulent terrine with foie gras and chestnuts, very soft and subtle on the palate.)

- Le Déjeuner du Paysan 90gr: 5€ (A pure pork pâté, tasty with shallot, garlic, nutmeg and bay leaf, an aromatic but delicate recipe.)

- Venetian Soup 380gr: €8 (An exquisite carrot soup with Italian accents of mascarpone, mixed with the exotic charms of curry.)

The salads:

- La Salade Gourmande 350gr: 9€ (A light salad, cereals and small vegetables, with fruity accents of olive.)

- Lentil Salad with Smoked Duck Breast 350gr: €9(This lentil salad with rustic flavors, with its artisanally smoked duck breasts, can be enjoyed cold or warm.)

The dishes:

- Poultry Curry and its cereal mix 380gr: €9 (The perfect combination of turkey with curry-coconut milk sauce, combined with a mixture of cereals.)

- Coral Lentil & Squash Seed Dahl 380gr: €9 (Inspired by Indian cuisine, a recipe full of flavor and color, thanks to its mixture of coral lentils and coconut milk.)

- Vegetable Tagine 380gr: €9 (A vegetable dish adapted from North Africa, where vegetables, spices and herbs accompany delicious soy bites.)

- Chili Con Carne 380gr: €9(The original US recipe for chili con carne, revisited by Chef Michel Grobon, former Chef at the White House.)

- Salmon steak and mashed potatoes 380gr: 11€ (Succulent marriage of a salmon steak and mashed potatoes, crème fraîche, garlic and parsley.)

The desserts:

- The Chocolate Moelleux 90gr: €5

-Vanilla Rice Pudding 90gr: €5

- The Rum Baba 120gr: €5


Wines and Beers


Red ; Full-bodied Flavors of Ardèche (Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah) 75cl €14

Rosé: Gris de l'Ardèche 75cl €14

White: Viognier 75cl €14

Beers and artisanal lemonade from the Chirols Al'ouet brewery 33cl:

Blonde €5 Amber €5

Lemonade 4€


Artisanal apple juice 75cl €8