The Sauna

Sauna practice is particularly beneficial for its powers:

relaxation and relief of muscular tension.
to combat stress.
elimination of toxins.
improving blood circulation,
feeling of general well-being and strengthening of morale.

Privatized space, by reservation on site or upon reservation




- First, a shower

To start, a lukewarm shower is essential! This not only for reasons of hygiene but also to rid your skin of the fatty film which delays perspiration.
Then dry yourself well, because dry skin sweats more easily.


- And now: we sweat

It is the dry air that makes the high temperatures of the sauna (between 80°C and 100°C) bearable. Please note that the heat rises and therefore it is warmer on the upper bench.

· If you are a beginner, it is best to take a seat on the lower bench.

· Use a large bath towel and make sure that all parts of the body are placed on the towel to prevent sweat from getting on the wood.

· If you are too hot, go down to the lower bench,

· ""the Aufguss. » (watering hot stones). During Aufguss, the humidity increases by ten to thirty percent and causes a thermal stimulus that is strongly felt, but lasts only a few minutes. Essential oils intensify the beneficial effect on the nervous system. Be careful of projections, use the spoon.

· Stay between 5 and 10 minutes in the sauna.

· Leave the sauna if you do not feel well.


- Freshen up: a shower

The feeling of relaxation, vitality and rejuvenation is achieved by proper cooling after the sauna.

· Cool your body with cold water. Start at your feet, then slowly work your way up the legs to the groin. Then cool your arms, from your hands to your shoulders.

- Then: rest

· After your shower, allow yourself a few minutes to rest and hydrate. It is very important to drink regularly.


- How many saunas should you do?

· You can do up to three saunas. The third pass is not obligatory. (Respect your personal boundaries).


Price 1 hour / 2 people €35

The price includes towels and water to keep you hydrated.