Well-being massages

Want a relaxing moment just for you with a warm, personalized welcome, treat yourself to a well-being massage among the options below.

We have dedicated part of the farmhouse so that this space is warm and intimate with its Balinese inspirations. entry into a small reception room and once through the door of the massage room let yourself be guided for a unique moment.

Only by reservation preferably before your arrival in order to reserve our service provider.


Relaxing Wellness Massage 1 hour / €70

This whole-body well-being massage is based on ample and enveloping gestures.

This practice promotes the absorption of stress and improves the nervous state.

It is aimed at anyone who wants to relax, recharge their batteries and take some time for themselves.

Plantar reflexology 1 hour / €70

This well-being massage works from the neurological map of the nerve endings of the foot. This session acts on the major emunctory systems of the human body and helps to balance them.

In addition to the very pleasant side of this moment, this practice brings a certain detoxification dynamic.

Muscle Well-being Massage 1 hour / €70

This slow and deep well-being massage aims for muscle recovery by oxygenating the muscles and draining their toxins as well as releasing tension. This practice provides a result close to a stretching session and for this reason this protocol is suitable for both athletes and more sedentary people.

Ayurvedic joint well-being massage 1 hour / €70

This well-being massage promotes energy circulation,cleans and softens the joints, useful in physical preparation.

Other massages depending on the provider available:

- Tui-na: Chinese energy (China) 1 hour/70 euros

- Thai massage for pregnant women: on futon, fully clothed, notify in advance 1 hour/70 euros

- Hawaiian massage: Surfing the wave (Polynesia) 1h30/100 euros

- Max Massage: relaxing, muscular, energetic (La Calade) 1h30/100 euros

Well-being Massages are provided by our partners. These wellness treatments are relaxation techniques without therapeutic or erotic purposes.

A la carte wellness massages must be paid directly to the service provider by check or cash only (except in gift card packages).